I picked this lipstick up recently whilst shopping and I had heard a little about it in the blogging world before but not a lot. I don't really understand why because for me it's the perfect everyday pink. I have quite rosy lips anyway so a lot of nude pinks that are often mentioned don't really do it for me. This however is obviously pink without being too in your face or too blue! Therefore to me the perfect pink.

Just a quick post today - I went shopping yesterday (it's been too long) and here's a few make-up bits I got. I did hold myself back (there was a lot more in my basket) but the things I bought I've been meaning to get for a while and there are some really great offers on in Boots at the moment! 
Reviews will be up for all of these products within the next couple of weeks and an accessories haul will be up soon as well! 

Hope you've all had a wonderful week!

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