Finally a more affordable micellar solution is now available! Very recently L'Oreal brought out the Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution similar to the cult product from Bioderma that many have gone crazy for. I bought this as I've been wanting to try a micellar water for ages after hearing so many rave reviews. However, I've always held back as Bioderma can be difficult to get hold of (until recently) and I would rather spend the money on a 'proper' cleanser. That was until this made an appearance and I had to try it!

L'Oreal describe this as a "purifying capture and draw out excess oil and impurities" whilst at the same time dissolving all traces of make-up. As I haven't tried any other similar products I can't compare this but what I can say is that after trying this once I went out and bought another one as a back up for when this one runs out! It removed all of my face make-up and eye make-up in two cotton pads leaving absolutely no residue on my skin. As I have dry skin I thought this may dry it out as I'm used to using cream/balm cleansers but it hasn't at all so if you have dry/combination skin don't worry. My eyes can also be sensitive to some eye make-up removers and sting but this didn't make them red or uncomfortable in the slightest which is something I have been yet experience with any eye make-up remover! 

I don't think I'll be saying goodbye to my cream cleansers completely but I will definitely use this on my eyes, when I'm feeling lazy or just as a quick cleanser in the morning. 

This is currently on offer at Boots for 2 for £6 here or at Superdrug half price here so if you're thinking about giving this a try I would snap one up before they go out of stock!

Have you tried a micellar solution before? What do you think of them? 

Thankyou for reading



So this is my first post since last August and time has gone so quickly but I am back and want to get into blogging again!

Today's post is about 'Wantworthy'. I'm not sure how long this website has been around but I only recently discovered it after watching Zoella's video. It offers a place where you can organise all the things you are lusting after and would usually save in your favourites so it frees up your bookmarks bar. As well as this it looks 100% better, is easy to access, shows the picture and price of the item, has a "Buy" button that takes you straight to the website, shows all of your items in neat rows and if that isn't enough it also gives you the choice to find your friends so you can see their wishlists too. 

To create your own Wantworthy page all you need to do is create an account. You then add the "Want" button to your bookmarks bar and whenever you want to add something to your Wantworthy page you click the button and you're screen will look something like this...

...and that's how easy it is! 

I cannot recommend this website enough so if you're like I was and your bookmarks bar is overloaded with favourites go and make an account as soon as you can if you haven't already!

If you've got a Wantworthy account what do you think of it?
 If not, will you be creating one?

Thankyou so much for reading!


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