Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Oil


I picked this up a few weeks ago after reading a couple of good reviews (and Superdrug had free delivery!) as I've been trying to improve my skincare routine recently.
I don't really know what I was expecting from this product but the so far I'm really liking it! The Vitamin E Oil is £2.99 for 30ml which may not seem like much but you only need to use a very small amount every time you use it so it'll last a long time. 
As it says on the bottle this is for normal to dry skin and I have exactly that. I have been applying this to the dry areas of my face just before I go to sleep and I have to say this makes your skin feel so soft and I'm hoping in the long term this is doing my skin some good!
I love the smell - it's sort of coconutty. I don't know if this is what vitamin E smells like anyway or if it even smells at all but it's lovely.
Overall I really like this product I feel it's doing some good and short term it makes your skin feel so soft. 
Vitamin E Skin Oil is Available here at Superdrug for £2.99

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  1. I love your blog... plus you're sexy

  2. Firstly...someone has an admirer ahem anonymous :-)

    I love skin oils at the moment. I am currently using the Clarins one but this seems an absolute bargain. I have heard good things about the Superdrug range.

    beckys makeup

    1. Haha, I think (and hope) it's one of my friends! This is the first one I have used and love it, I really want to try other things from this range as well! Thankyou for reading! x

  3. I love this vitamin E oil! I've used it for years, much cheaper than bio oil and it works for getting rid of scars.
    What do you use it for?

  4. You should try the Hot Cloth Cleanser from this range, its a dupe for the Liz Earle one and it's really nice! :)

    Grace x

  5. When used externally, vitamin E can be applied to the hair and scalp to promote healthier hair by providing moisture, helping to eliminate breakage and to relieve the symptoms of dandruff.


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