Tangle Teezer Review

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Let me start by saying I have thick, curly hair that was constantly getting itself into hideous knots at the nape of my neck that were an absolute nightmare to brush out. After having enough of battling with my hair every night and reading many great reviews about the tangle teezer I decided it was about to time to see what all the fuss was about. 
All I can say is that this hairbrush is amazing. I got mine in Boots and here they retail for £10.99 but I'm sure you can get them a little cheaper on ebay.
It claims to deliver "rapid, pain-free de-tangling as well as polishing hair for high shine" now I'm not so sure about the high shine factor and I wouldn't say it was "pain-free" but it's not as painful but it is definitely rapid. It takes half the time to brush my hair now and it's also very good at brushing through wet hair which my old brush was not.
I'm also in love with the packaging. I have the purple glittery one shown above but I believe it also comes in a bright pink colour so they're all quite girly, pretty colours which may not be everyones cup of tea but I love it. The size of them also makes them good to travel with.
All in all I am a tangle teezer convert and I can't see myself changing it for a regular one any time soon and hideous knots are now a thing of the past.
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