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I thought I would just do a quick post about my favourite blogs at the moment and I have come up with 5 so (in true xfactor style) in no particular order...

I absolutely love this blog and have a huge style crush on mariannan! I always leave her blog lusting after her clothes and home decor. I could honestly (and probably have) look through this blog for hours! 

Not only does Esteé have an amazing blog but also a youtube channel. She is absolutely hilarious and I love how this comes across in her writing as well! Esteé's blog is mainly beauty orientated and offers lots to look at! Definitely go and have look! 

This blog feature everything from celeb gossip, uni advice, travel advice to clothing. You name it and it's probably on there, need I say more?

This has been a recent find and may I say what a great blog! It is based around money saving tips and everything related! There are some really great tips and tricks on there that I have honestly found really helpful! Not enough people know about this blog!! 

This is slightly different to the ones above. It features sort of mini articles (I don't know how else to describe them) about anything from love to everyday problems (that are often "love" orientated). Titles include 'The Friendship', 'The Hangover' and 'The Cinema'. Everything she writes is witty, clever and most of the time very true and I look forward to every post! I cannot recommend it enough! 

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