I should start by saying that I have a lot of nail varnish, some may say I have too much but you can never have enough glass pots of pretty colours. As a result I paint my nails A LOT and I'm always looking out for a top coat that claims to make nail polish last longer on the nail. I have used plenty of top coats over the past couple of years and it could be the awful condition of my nails (it probably is) but none of them seemed to prevent chipping. After hearing numerous reviews of people raving about the Seche Vite top coat I thought I would take the plunge and try it. 

I had high expectations for this and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. It dries your nails very quickly and gives a really good shine - I've had people think I'm wearing gel nail polish but it's just been down to this. The consistency is quite strange, I was used to quite runny, "just bought" nail varnish consistency top coats but this is fairly thick. I have heard of it going very gloopy quite quickly but I've used about half the bottle and I'm still yet to experience that. 

Overall, I do think this is a great product; however, I don't think it's the be all and end all of top coats. You can find cheaper top coats that perform nearly as well (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri is a good one) and if you're not an avid nail polish collector or don't really paint your nails that often I don't think this is a necessity.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is available at Boots for £9.

Do you have a favourite top coat? 

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  1. I love seche vite ! It's amazing ! Great blog post ! I'm new to the blogging community and would love it if you could take a look at my blog and give me some advice ? It would mean a lot ! Maybe we could follow each other too ! :) Thanks so much !

    1. Thankyou! Sure, lovely blog keep it up! Just followed :) x


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