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I'm sure most of you aware of the Dr Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm which has received copious amounts of attention in the blogosphere but today I'm reviewing this gem which is yet to gain the recognition it's sister has. I have tried both the Water Fuse and obviously the Platinum but after trialing both alongside each other, I think I prefer this one. The consistency of this balm is thicker and it has slightly more coverage but is definitely still a BB cream not a foundation. I have relatively normal skin with the odd dry patch and I found the Water Fuse balm to almost highlight my dry areas, whereas the more dewy finish of this one felt like it was nourishing. Now, this balm is actually targeted at aging skin (I'm only 18) so don't be put off by this as it really doesn't affect the finish and purpose of the product on younger skin in my opinion. To add to the brilliance of this fantastic balm it's not too dark for my skin! I'm quite fair and most BB creams I've tried in the past have just ended up looking orange or too dark so to have finally found a "one shade suits all" product that doesn't make me look like I've had a dodgy tanning experience is amazing. The only thing I would say with this is that if you have oily skin this may not be for you; its leaves a very dewy finish and as the consistency is quite thick some may think it feels too heavy on their skin. 

Dr Jart+ Beauty Balms are currently on offer at Boots at very good prices! 

Have you tried the Dr Jart+ Beauty Balms? Which do you prefer? 
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  1. this sounds really good and i like how its not too dark. theres nothing worse than an orange face, white neck haha.x


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