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About 4 months ago I had my long, overgrown mop chopped to just above my shoulders. This was a massive change for me and although I found it was a lot quicker to style I felt I needed to do more with it to avoid it looking plain. So, today I'm sharing with you some products I like to get that messy/wavy style.

I have naturally curly hair and just blowdrying and popping a bit of product in it doesn't cut it. Two products I use without fail are the Percy & Reed Finishing Polish which I run through the mid-section of my hair before spritzing some of the Samy Fat Hair Thickening Spray  into my roots. I don't blowdry with a brush, I just rough dry it all over the place before leaving it to air-dry. The Finishing Polish keeps my hair from becoming too frizzy whilst blowdrying and the Thickening Spray is great for a bit of lift at the roots.

The next three products I use for styling once after I've straightened/tamed/curled my hair so it's wavy. I usually style my hair just before I go to sleep so when I wake up it looks a bit more natural and "lived in" - plus I get more time to have a lie-in as all I need to do is add a bit of product and I'm done. My favourite of the lot is the L'Oreal Matt & Messy Shine-Free Spray which is great for adding texture if your hair is looking a bit flat or limp. It doesn't feel too crunchy or sticky and lasts well. The Samy Fat Hair Amplifying Hairspray is fantastic to add volume and hold but less is most definitely more with this. It's quite sticky and you can definitely feel it in your hair so I only use this when I really need to. Once I've use this up I'll be on the look out for something different - I don't think it's worth the £6.95. Finally, the newest addition is the got2be Beach Matt Texturizing Salt Spray. I got this as I'd heard good things and so far I'd say it's good for adding wave and texture but I've found it very easy to use too much and annoyingly the nozzle doesn't disperse the product very well. I have my eye on the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray but I cannot bring myself to spend £18 for 75ml...Why so expensive Oribe?!

If any of you have any recommendations for hair products that add texture without weighing hair down I would love to hear them!!

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